30 Titles

Levels 1/A to 21/M

All titles levels 1-20 are on the North American Reading Recovery ® Book List

Set A - 30 titles - $195


Guided Reading Set A

(6 copies of all 30 titles) - $1140

Sets of 6

(6 copies of 1 title) - $39


Individual copies - $6.50

At The Beach

Level 1/A

Snack Time

Level 1/A

My Big Brother

Level 2/B

I Like to Read

Level 2/B

Here Comes The Bus

Level 3/C

The Big Puddle

Level 4/C

The Water Slides

Level 5/D

Animals At The Fair

Level 6/D

Dorothy's Mittens

Level 7/E

Stuck In The Tree

Level 7/E

Skipping Rocks

Level 8/E

Everett Rides His Horse

Level 9/F

Come And Play, Peaches!

Level 10/F

Wilson's Canoe Ride

Level 10/F

Chicken's Ride

Level 11/G

Dennis Rides His Bike

Level 12/G

The New Boats

Level 13/H

Time To Play Soccer

Level 14/H

The Lemonade Stand

Level 15/I

Collecting Eggs

Level 16/I

The Enormous Rock

Level 17/J

Choosing A Kitten

Level 17/J

Hope's Necklace

Level 18/J

Shona Plays The Fiddle

Level 18/J

Summer Adventure

Level 19/K

Climbing The Apple Tree

Level 19/K

A Gift For Kohkum

Level 20/L

The Basketball Game

Level 20/L

Gonzo Is Missing

Level 20/L

Dorian's Cast

Level 21/M

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